What we sell

At RBK we have a small stock of secondhand bicycles, parts and certain new parts which should help to get your bike back on the road. This stock changes all the time.

Please come in and have a rummage and a chat, if you let us know what you're looking for we may be able to advise you on where best to get it. We are able to assist and guide you in fitting a replacement part that you have sourced yourself too.

We have a selection of bicycles that the volunteers have repaired or serviced, they sell very quickly, some of the latest examples can be seen on the following link -

Bicycles currently available

Spares -

New stock:

- inner tubes of all sizes

- New pedals (basic)

- Gear and brake cables (inner and outer)

- Wet and dry lube

- GT85

- Bells

- Lights (front and rear)

- Chains (single speed, 5,6,7,8,9, 10 & 11)

- Cassettes (various)

- Bottom brackets (various)

- Tyres (various)

- Grips (basic, black, mountain bike)

- Handlebar tape (black)

-Brake pads (various)

Second hand parts.

These change regularly as they come from bikes that we have stripped. We normally have a variety of front mechs, rear mechs, handlebars, stems, spokes, pedals, saddles, seat post-clamps, seat posts, reflectors, wheels, tyres, brake levers, gear shifters and many more.

There are nuts and bolts and other small items in order to help keep your bicycle running.

Come in and see if we have what you need.