This continued success of RBK will be completely dependant on the goodwill of individuals who can give up a little bit of their time to support those less experienced who come along for some help.

*NOTE. Currently we are not recruiting new volunteers whilst we relocate. We are better poised to support you when we have premises and routine.*

We normally look for people with the following areas of expertise to continue operating:

  • Bicycle Mechanics (whatever your level of knowledge, we can use you)
  • Retail
  • Volunteer support
  • Finance 
  • Facilities
  • PR & Marketing
  • Local community collaboration (including creative, riding & social)
  • Sourcing bikes & parts
  • Warehouse stock control & management

If you can give any amount of time, be that once a month or once a week then that would be great.

As a volunteer you will have an opportunity to influence how the project evolves and get discounted rates on parts and services. More details to follow.

If you are interested then please complete the form below. Many thanks!

NB: as a volunteer run organisation it will sometimes take us a wee while to get back to you. Please bear with us!

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