Wheely wheely good time

Isn’t funny how things go in patterns? A friend of mine runs a car repair workshop and he often experiences a week of clutch replacements, or head gaskets, or never ending fuel system fixes to do – you get the picture, it’s bizarre coincidence but it feels like a pattern.

This week at the ‘Kitchen workshop we had an evening of wheels and very little else… family and friends visited (with broken bikes or bits of broken bikes) and we had our share of new customers walk in desperately needing help.  And without exception we managed to get everybody rolling again.

Wheels 1 – Hanne’s folding commuter had a problem with gear selection and drag from the rear hub; a dismantle/inspect/clean/rebuild got her moving again at top speed. Well done Nick for helping.

Wheels 2 – Ben and Rory continue with building the Dawes, wheel refurbishment and fitting on Wednesday.

Wheels 3 – Andy came in with a wheel that wouldn’t adjust correctly – a quick test showed that the hub bearings had unseated, new wheel required! Off we went to our Aladdin’s Cave of recycled parts and found a good wheel that would fit. After a new spoke and a new tyre the wheel was good to go. Happy customer.

Wheels 4 – Mr Specialized came in with a chain that had jumped and all but ruined his back wheel… after Rikki’s masterful investigation half a dozen+ replacement spokes were found and Mr Specialized learned how to repair, build and straighten his own wheels with some expert supervision to ensure the work is of good quality.

Kenny continues with his full refurbishment of the flat bar Carrerra and has tenaciously worked his way through the bike’s problems and fixed them. Great work!