February 19th – RBK white van man

Kitchen news… Dave rocked up on Wednesday in a white van (very uncharacteristic). The doors flew open and inside were the dirty dozen;  a good number of bikes in need of our attention. At least one of them looked like it had been pulled from a river; all were neglected, unloved or both. Into the Kitchen they came for resurrection!
I helped a walk-in customer to repair a lovely old Raleigh gentleman’s bike: rebuilt wheel hubs, pimp whitewall tyres and trued rims – all in an evening’s work. Andrew (the owner) has been lovingly cleaning and restoring this bike for a few weeks and came to us for help with tasks he wasn't comfortable with – we were only too happy to oblige, I think Andrew learned some new skills along the way and I’m sure he’ll be back.
The RBK windows are now full of bikes for sale – after our repairs and a full safety check. Come and have a look! If you can’t see what you are looking for pop in for a cuppa and chat to us about what you’d like to ride.