A view from a Wednesday evening volunteer...

The first two weeks of January have been surprising and amazing in equal measure. I came back to RBK to find a thank you card on the counter and inside was written a lovely message thanking Adrian and all at RBK for the support in getting a bike. The message then went on to tell us how important that bike was in making Christmas all the more special by enabling someone to visit friends and family. Wonderful!
Last week and this have seen a steady stream of customers needing help fixing their bike, we are always ready to oblige and help them learn. Both weeks have seen good sales of refurbished bikes to new owners, so much so that we need to get some more bikes repaired and in the window displays ready for sale.
This week has also seen more donations come in; BIG bikes, little bikes, a trike… a personal favourite is a vintage Ellswick with a lovely aged patina. We are so grateful for any donation, it is donations that makes RBK work so well. Thank you to all of you who give bikes, bike parts, and your time.